Extended funding with SEK 600 million to WCMM and SciLifeLab

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation launches a new research initiative where SEK 3.7 billion goes to funding for life science.

The life science initiative consists of two parts, where one part is a completely new national investment in computer-driven life science with SEK 3.1 billion over twelve years. The second part is an extension with SEK 600 million, of current support to the national research infrastructure SciLifeLab and to WCMM, Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Gothenburg, Lund, Linköping and Umeå.

“This is a massive, long-term initiative, aimed at placing Sweden among the world-leaders in the field, thereby contributing to a better quality of life for people, animals and nature,” says Peter Wallenberg Jr, Chair of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

The following amounts of extended funding will each WCMM center receive up until 2028:

Umeå University – SEK 170 million and an additional SEK 68 million for recruitment services in computer-driven life science.

University of Gothenburg – SEK 161 million and an additional SEK 68 million for recruitment positions in computer-driven life science.

Linköping University – SEK 160 million and an additional 68 million for a recruitment package for researchers in computer-driven life science.

Lund University – SEK 150 million and SEK 68 million for services in computer-driven life science.

Read the press release from KAW in its entirety here.

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