Event 2024

Welcome to the Program for Academic Leaders in Life Sciences (PALS) Annual Scientific Conference 2024, organized for all WCMM, SciLifeLab, and DDLS fellows. The program aims to improve scientific networks and collaborations across Sweden, as well as to increase awareness and accessibility of cutting-edge infrastructures.

WCMM Umeå is hosting the conference on June 3-5, 2024, at Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå. During the meeting, WCMM, SciLifeLab, and DDLS fellows will gather to network around themes such as molecular medicine, biotechnology, molecular biology, and data-driven life science. This event will provide significant opportunities for collaborations between experimental and computational groups.

We look forward to talks by keynotes speakers: 

Anne Ephrussi, Prof. Emeritus, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Bruce Stillman, Prof., President, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)

Edda Klipp, Prof., Head of Department of Theoretical Biophysics, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

With panel discussions, parallel sessions covering a broad range of subjects, and discussions on the next big questions in Life Science, we believe this will be a highly rewarding event for the participants and will spur many new ideas and collaborations.

The program has been developed by the Scientific Fellow committee: 
Changchun Chen (WCMM Umeå), Marta Bally (WCMM Umeå), Olof Lagerlöf (WCMM Umeå), Silvia Remeseiro (WCMM Umeå), Daniel Öhlund (WCMM Umeå), Cemal Erdem (DDLS Fellow), Laura Carroll (DDLS Fellow), Abhishek Niroula (DDLS Fellow), Erika Comasco (SciLifeLab Fellow), Wojciech Piotr Michno (SciLifeLab Fellow), Frank Hernandez (WCMM Linköping), Alesia Tietze (WCMTM Göteborg), and we gratefully acknowledge the support from KAW for this event.

We are confident that this meeting will be inspiring and full of opportunities. Looking forward to seeing you in June 2024.

Registration will open in February. 

Andrei Chabes, WCMM Umeå Director 

Pernilla Wikström, WCMM Umeå Co-director

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