Annual PALS calls

Aim and scope 

This call is part of the PALS initiative, supported by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The total annual grant sum is 2 MSEK, with approximately eight grants of max. 250 tSEK each to be awarded.

With this call, PALS wants to support and promote scientific interactions between fellows from the different PALS programs and/or from different organisations within the PALS program. The supported collaborations can involve research or other related activities in all areas of the different programs such as molecular medicine or different areas of life science and can be technology-driven or data-driven projects from fundamental, preclinical, translational, and clinical scientists.  

The supported collaborations, either a Research project or an Event in Sweden, organized and coordinated jointly by the fellows, should: 
– add novelty
– be innovative and cross-disciplinary 
– aim for either or several of the following: technology development, knowledge transfer, data transfer

The call is open for fellows, associated fellows and fellow alumni in the PALS community (WCMM, DDLS, SciLifeLab), and can also involve a collaborator from SciLifeLab’s infrastructure. 

The proposed project needs to involve two or three applicants, representing either at least two different PALS programs (DDLS, SciLifeLab or WCMM) or SciLifeLab infrastructure, or at least two different universities or organisations connected to the three programs.

Each applicant needs to be actively involved in the project, the main applicant is responsible for submitting the application and communication with co-applicants. The funding will be paid out to each project partner (applicant and co-applicant/s) separately, the funding can only be paid to a Swedish university via requisition. An applicant can be part of max. 2 applications (main or co-applicant).  

Project period 

The project period is January 1st-December 31st, 2025, the reporting and requisition is made in February 2026. Reporting templates will be provided.  

Selected projects are expected to be presented at the PALS meeting during the project period (annual PALS meeting 2025), and the project results at the PALS meeting after the project period, in 2026. Information about the funded projects will be published at

Evaluation criteria

Research project

Applications will be evaluated according to the assessment of the combination of the following criteria: 

  • Scientific quality, novelty and originality  
  • Multi-disciplinary or translational approach  
  • Potential future or long-term impact  
  • Potential synergies in the planned collaboration 
  • Merit of ideas and alignment with the goals of PALS 


  • Scientific quality, novelty and originality
  • Impact for the PALS community  
  • Clear aim of the event

We will also consider for both kinds of applications: 

  • If the project plan aligns with the scope of the call with regards to project time (12 months) and requested funding
  • If the project establishes a new collaboration
  • Open science and data sharing aspects 
  • Industrial and societal relevance 
  • Complementarity of the applications (for example, gender balance, career stage, geographical distribution and project topic) 
  • Clear and active involvement of all partners

Link to application system

Application opens June 17. Deadline to apply September 2, 2024 kl. 12.00

For any questions, please contact the coordinator at your site/for your program. 

This call is part of the PALS initiative, supported by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.  

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